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A little over a year ago I fell into one of the deepest and darkest depressions I’ve ever experienced. I sought help from Courtney, an experienced, compassionate, empathic and REAL human.  I was able to get off all prescription medications and through journey work and integration, I went from barely functioning to thriving and feeling like myself again!


Since I’ve been working with Courtney my temperament has changed drastically; I feel more joyful and calm. Things that would have shaken me up before are viewed from a broader lense and I’m truly more comfortable in my own skin.  Thank you for this journey of self discovery!

- LN

Courtney's grounded energy sets a protective container for the journey.  I appreciate her understanding and knowledge about the importance of set and setting, as well as the preparation and integration process.  She has the beautiful ability to hold sacred space with these medicines.

- Jamy L.

I was initially fearful of exploring plant medicines.  Courtney does an amazing job of making you feel safe and secure as you explore and heal your innermost self using these powerful medicines.  I'm incredibly thankful for her knowledge, care and thoughtfulness as she has guided me through my journey.

- Paul B.

Courtney is committed to finding new paths of healing.  She is caring, knowledgable and sincere.  She has gained valuable wisdom and insight through study and her own personal journey. I found her genuinely supportive in my own healing process.

- AH

If you're considering an integrative medicine journey, I highly recommend working with Courtney. Her expertise, compassionate approach, and warm environment will create a supportive space for your healing and growth. Following the experience, I had improvements in anxiety, sleep, stress management and felt a greater sense of overall well-being.

- Summer B.

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