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Hi, I'm Courtney. I am a trauma informed psychedelic guide, educator and microdosing/integration support coach. As a highly sensitive person with childhood emotional trauma who struggled much of my adult life with anxiety, depression and unhealthy coping mechanisms, I turned to psychedelic medicines to explore the deeper meaning of these experiences and for meaning to my life. In doing so, my outlook shifted dramatically for the better, and helping others on this path has become my passion and purpose. As a nurse and through my own ongoing process of spiritual, emotional and physical healing, I know firsthand the limitations and roadblocks within the current health care model. Psychedelic medicines, along with compassionate support, integration, community and a holistic perspective, have the potential to break us out of old patterns that are holding us back from being fully and authentically engaged in life RIGHT NOW. My desire is to help others navigate their own unique healing journey with compassion and balance, between the realms of science and spirituality.

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I believe these medicines are here to help us remember who we are, despite the disconnection and conditioning of a deeply dysfunctional society. Psychedelics are not a panacea or for everyone, but with proper evaluation, education, support and integration, they can be powerful catalysts for changing the way we think and exist in a challenging world.  

We all have an innate capacity to heal;  this is at once our birthright and sovereign responsibility, but we are not meant to do it alone. This is where I come in as a guide and coach. I approach this work carefully with humility and compassion, to empower the client to gently get in touch with their own intuitive healing capabilities, in co-creation with the wisdom of the medicine.  I am simply a support person to provide tools and a safe container for the experience around the journey and your evolution.  I meet you where you are at, to help you to find the way back home to yourself and connect more authentically to those and the world around you.  

I come from a trauma informed perspective and have extensive and personal experience with these medicines for my own ongoing healing and evolution.  As a nurse for 16 years prior to doing this work, safety, education, harm reduction and community are paramount as I help clients for the purposes of emotional healing and/or spiritual development.   

The following article from Psychedelic Passage aligns well with my own ethics and gives a thorough overview of how to safely vet a psychedelic guide, which I encourage you to do, as much as I am with you to ensure a safe and comfortable working relationship.

There are many ways that psychedelic practitioners can support working with clients and these medicines, ranging along a spectrum from a shamanistic to a psychotherapeutic approach and there is an ocean of information out there that can be overwhelming to sift through. From a place of experience, knowledge, safety and integrity, I can assist you to explore these vast waters, even if there is a path better suited for you as a unique individual than working with me long term.  If you are ready to invest in yourself on the unique journey of finding the way back home to yourself, please reach out today to set up an initial consultation.  

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